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Dec 12 2014

An ounce of prevention

By: Craig Rogers

Posted in: Payroll Taxes

As we approach year end there are some very simple measures that can be taken to avoid future problems with tax returns and informational returns. Every employee should check their paystub for accuracy. May common errors individuals face when fil... Read Article

Dec 05 2014

2015 Items to look for

By: Craig Rogers

Posted in: Payroll Taxes

As we are about to head into the New Year, there are a couple of items that require a company's attention. In January, many states new unemployment rates kick in. It is important to look for your rate and get it updated as soon as possible. T... Read Article

Dec 01 2014

Year End and Holiday Bonuses

By: Clare Sorg

Posted in: Payroll Education

As the holiday season is upon us, employers may begin to think about year-end and holiday bonuses for their employees.  Below are some items to consider and discuss with your payroll representative. 1.Dates  Supply the check da... Read Article

Nov 26 2014

Minimum Wage Rate to Increase

By: Craig Rogers

  Employees are smiling, employers not so much, as many states are scheduled to raise their minimum wage rate on January 1st. While the Federal minimum wage rate is $7.25, if a states minimum wage is higher than the Federal rate, the employer... Read Article

Nov 20 2014

FUTA Credit Reduction

By: Craig Rogers

Posted in: Payroll Taxes

As if it isn't hard enough to run a business and afford the expenses of running a business, the Internal Revenue Service has announced its 2014 Futa Credit Reduction states. What is a credit reduction you ask, well simply put, if a state has borr... Read Article

Nov 13 2014

2015 Federal Deposit Requirements

By: Craig Rogers

Posted in: Payroll Taxes

The IRS has started sending out form  941 deposit requirements for businesses for tax year 2015. The deposit requirements are based on a company’s liability during a lookback period, which in this case is from July 1, 2013 to June 30, ... Read Article

Nov 07 2014

Time Clocks and Time and Attendance

By: Maxwell McLean

Posted in: Technology

Welcome to the Ace Payroll Blog! First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Max McLean and I am a Pre Sales Engineer and IT Specialist at Ace Payroll Services. In my posts, I will discuss technological news affecting our industry,... Read Article

Oct 28 2014


By: Alan Klein

Posted in: Payroll Industry

Thank you for taking the time to stop in and check out Ace Payroll’s new website and new blog. It is our goal to use this blog to educate the reader on payroll, payroll tax, technology, and HR matters. One of the recent announcements ... Read Article

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