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Dec 05 2014

2015 Items to look for

By: Craig Rogers

Posted in: Payroll Taxes


As we are about to head into the New Year, there are a couple of items that require a company's attention. In January, many states new unemployment rates kick in. It is important to look for your rate and get it updated as soon as possible. This prevents being under or over paid and also prevents future tax notices. While New Yorks rates are effective as of January 1, they are not sent out until early March, which means New York companies are retroactively paying more, or entitled to a credit depending on whether their rate went up or down.

Another important item to be aware of is that starting April 30, New York returns are required to be filed electronically. An electronic file can be created and uploaded or the return can be entered manually on the New York website. New York will no longer accept paper returns and you will be subject to a penalty for filing paper. Ace Payroll has been ahead of the curve on this and has been filing electronically for the past 3 quarters. 

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