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The Ace Payroll Story

About Ace

At Ace Payroll, we offer in-depth knowledge and experience in payroll and payroll tax laws, in addition to Human Resources support and benefits administration services.  Our highly responsive professionals utilize a consultative approach in order to customize a solution for each client.  All our services are supported by the latest advances in technology in each discipline and managed by a dedicated, honest, and accountable specialist and/or tax expert.

Our Mission

Ace Payroll Services seeks to optimize the performance of our clients’ businesses through the delivery of extraordinary service and innovative payroll, HR, and benefits solutions.

Our Philosophy

We take a systematic approach that looks to serve the larger business needs of our clients.  Rather than stacking our services together, we keep them separated in order to provide more flexibility, transparency, and efficiency.  Our goal is to recommend professional services that our client may need and what may work best within their own structure.

Why We’re Different

Ace differs from its competition in that it provides a concierge style customer service approach for each client.  By offering conscientious customer service, we have been able to instill trust and confidence in our customers and in turn, forge long-lasting relationships. 

Our organization remains frontline in all aspects of operations and offers one point of contact for each account. 

Ace’s customers know we are familiar with their varied business environments and will anticipate their questions and needs in advance of any issues.   Many others in our field simply cannot provide the personal service, flexibility, transparency, and level of detail that so many of Ace’s clients appreciate and value.



Larry Goldman and Alan Klein, two public accountants with more than thirty-five years of accounting and payroll experience between them, founded Ace Payroll Services in 1994.

Klein and Goldman had successful tenures at leading New York public accounting firms and met in 1990, while working at the same firm. Together, they honed their management, operations, and technology skills before setting off on their own to start Ace Payroll Services. The concept to launch Ace Payroll Services came from the recognizing the high demand for personal service.

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