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Leadership Team

Senior Management

Alan Klein

Co-Founder & CEO

Alan’s accounting background is instrumental in the payroll design, solution, and the delivery of the service. He creates the client expectation and maps all the necessary components to achieve client satisfaction.

Alan takes the payroll solution to market with a veteran payroll sale team. Sales success is continuously achieved by consulting with the prospect on their specific payroll and technology needs. 

His primary focus is on sales growth-aligning business development with operations.

“Steering growth in new markets, maintaining and evolving service differentiation and leading a sales team is a rewarding experience," says Alan.

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Larry Goldman

Co-Founder & CFO

Larry carries the company vision to further enhance the delivery of service through processes and new technology. His primary goal is to focus on managing company growth through retention and referrals.

He oversees all internal functions: technology, tax, accounting, auditing, and processing. Beyond his core responsibilities of financial reporting, compliance and controls, and planning, he is a prominent leader and voice on operational excellence. 

His has a strong track record in continuously transforming both within the accounting and tax department.  function and also throughout the organization.

Ariana Goldman

Officer & VP, Corporate Development

Ariana is responsible for framing the business tone, morale and culture for Ace. She defines and oversees the company’s business and legal policies. She drives the company’s education programs and certifications, professional development, team building and the company’s wellness programs.

With a strong focus on company sustainability and reach, Ariana has defined key strategic partnerships and services to improve industry value and service. She also actively develops the appropriate associations with professional organizations to elevate education, transparency, and responsibility on behalf of Ace, as a payroll provider to its clients.

Ariana spent over 10 years in the technology industry forming strategic alliances and deepening channel development with industry giants.

Michelle Klein

VP, Internal Audit and Risk Management

Michelle is responsible for the daily bank reconciliations, monitoring bank transactions and performing daily account audits. She also performs other various audits to validate that all tax, billing, garnishment and other deductions have been collected and paid accurately. 

Prior to the formation of Ace Payroll Services, Michelle, following in the footsteps of her father, was also an accountant. She graduated from Hofstra University with a BS in accounting and worked in both the public accounting and private accounting industries.

East Coast Team

Christopher Luna

VP Sales

Chris focuses on sales team strategies, and for sales revenue. Chris has the responsibility to lead and direct his department to meet and exceed sales goals, increase sales profitability, and monitor budgetary objectives. This role involves strategic planning, talent management, business development, leveraging technology and enhancing processes.  Chris has developed the architecture to drive the sales process, and to help achieve customer acquisition and retention.

His sales philosophy is to have the team meet with the prospect to better understand and learn about their respective business, and to identify the client’s payroll needs to summarize with a  recommendation of the appropriate services.

Chris enjoys coaching and mentoring baseball athletes to achieve enhanced performance through hard work, conditioning, and skill development.

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Violeta Ailincai


Violeta supports the CFO with financial aspects of the company, as well as operationally, making a difference in the accounting and operation areas. She positively contributes to improving company proficiencies in the tax and payroll departments.

She received an Administration and Public Management degree. Violeta honed her business administration skills by working in the retail and food industries. While there, her specialization was to focus on managing and resurrecting distressed companies back to profitability.

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Craig Rogers

Payroll Tax, Manager

Craig and his department are responsible for learning all payroll tax laws and compliance.

Craig has worked as an accountant for small private firms as well as large, multinational companies. Originally a finance major, Craig went back to school and got his M.B.A in accounting. He is an Enrolled Agent and uses his diverse business background to oversee tax matters for Ace clients.

He is a sports enthusiast and coach. He enjoys leading his town’s intramural boy’s baseball team to victory, and winning championships.

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Clare Sorg

Client Services, Manager

Clare oversees the enterprise payroll processing team, utilizing the Evolution platform for the day-to-day operations and the client service inquiries.  

Clare’s leadership-by-example is one of the reasons Ace Payroll Services excels and consistently exceeds its customers’ expectations. She is best known by clients and Ace’s team for her business integrity, nurturing style, passion for detail and her team’s exceptional response to client needs.  She is the front-line.

Originally from Silver Spring, MD., Clare carries her love for connecting by spending time with her husband, four adult children and her four wonderful Dachshunds.

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Jessica Czarnecki

Implementation, Manager

Jessica’s precision with detail, high-level payroll knowledge, along with her proficiency in technology allows her to smoothly navigate Ace‘s new clients through the implementation process.

She is considered Ace’s payroll software “guru”, and client software trainer. Her ability to map technical processes and to interpret these software functions for Ace’s clients leads to optimal learning.

Formerly working for a cosmetic industry giant, Jessica cultivated her managerial skills in the areas of operations, sales, and software training. She learned to effectively launch new market areas.

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Paul Setti

IT, Manager

Paul, a.k.a, “The Innovator,” works on a broad basis to cover all technology aspects such as mobile computing, cyber security, cloud computing, disaster recovery and also leveraging emerging technology. He is constantly driving innovation and transforming for better ways to do business. 

A proud father of four children, he is always looking for ingenious ways to entertain his family while actively taking on do-it-yourself projects at home"

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West Coast Team

Dwight Wagner

Director, Operations

Dwight leads the Ace Payroll Services west coast operations and accounting departments.

He tenured 16 years with a large multinational company-leading in a variety of accounting positions. He also has 4 years auditing experience with the US Defense Department.

His career has included time in internal auditing, SOX implementation and compliance, project management, corporate accounting and finance for a 40OM division.  

Dwight earned a B.S. in Accounting from BYU and an MBA from Rutgers’s University.

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Andrei Hobson

IT, Manager

Andrei is with Ace Payroll Services west coast operations since 2006. He oversees the management, maintenance and development of the company’s information technology infrastructure. His duties include internal and external training on all systems. He provides Help Desk management. He configures Ace’s growing needs of utilizing its Customer Relationship Management tool; he creates custom payroll reporting for clients, and provides time and attendance implementation and training for clients.

Andrei has a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Nevada.

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Cheryl Jenkins

Manager, Client Services

Cheryl possesses three decades of customer service management experience. She and her team embody quality, professional purpose, and integrity. Her leadership stamina develops from doing the right thing well for the client and also by accomplishing solution successes over a long-term proven period of time.  She knows high quality service will yield an impressive client experience. 

True to Cheryl’s professional and natural personality traits, she likes to host and cook for small to large family and friend gatherings.  Connecting and maintaining key relationships are strong values that Cheryl lives by.

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Outside Ace Consultants

Margaret Dunne

Team Building Consultant

Margaret Dunne designs workshops aligned with ACE’s vision of providing the most relevant, resonant and reliable customer service in the payroll services industry. Margaret’s quarterly customized workshops, as well as her department breakout coaching circles focus on developing strong, clear organizational and departmental goals; building and sustaining accountability and trust among employees; and most importantly cultivating the collective thinking, behaviors and attitudes of companies that win. 

Some trainings close to heart include:

Powerful  Communication in the Workplace

Resilience, optimism and the importance of fear!

Compassionate Customer Service And The Art of Conflict Resolution

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Donna Cole

Wellness Program Consultant

Donna Cole, wellness expert helps Ace Payroll Services to build a healthy cultural awareness program through changing work and lifestyle behaviors. She evaluates each team member’s stress management habits, life style, exercise and nutritional approach. She uses certain metrics- antioxidant levels, and body fat analysis to help individuals take the necessary steps to improve their numbers-reaching for optimal health outcomes. Her philosophy is to influence an individual to take personal responsibility for their health, and to leverage the employer to encourage, provide guidance, and incentives.

Some organized classes:

Primitive Movement-The Value of Functional Performance

Resistance Training-The Benefits of Flexibility

Stress Reduction and Relaxation


Massage Therapy

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Elizabeth Ostrove, CPP

Instructor - APA's PayTrain College & University® Program

Elizabeth serves as the narrator for Ace's payroll educational topics, “What You Need to Know About Payroll”.  She helps the viewer navigate through some important areas of Payroll compliance.
Since 2008, Elizabeth has been actively teaching the American Payroll Association's PayTrain Fundamentals and the PayTrain Mastery courses at a Long Island University.
Elizabeth has had the pleasure to work with and teach ACE Payroll employees as they have prepared for their payroll certification exams.

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